West Bengal is turning into Mini Pakistan and moreover biharis are driven out under her rule

My Times Today.What is happening in West Bengal is a matter of grave concern. I have been saying this for long. I do not understand why she has thanked and commended our chief minister. “May be she is happy that the is contesting elections in four states on its own, not as a part of the NDA,”  spokesman Ajay Alok told a news channel here.

But this gesture does not absolve her of her mistakes. She must act to prevent her state from degenerating into a mini-Pakistan,” said the JDU spokesperson.”Her thanksgiving cannot make us forget that Biharis are being assaulted in West Bengal and forced to leave the state,” he added. The JDU, headed by Bihar Chief Minister Kumar as its national president, resolved Sunday to contest the assembly polls in Delhi, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Haryana as part of its efforts to gain the status of a national party.

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