A bridge disappeared overnight in Russia and no one knows where it is

The disappearance of a 56-tonne bridge in Russia has sparked controversy, and prompted the police to start an investigation into the incident. In Russia’s Murmansk region, this bizarre incident has sent the local residents into a tizzy.

According to the Daily Mail, the bridge is roughly 75 feet in length and weighs over 50 tonnes. It is located on the Umba river in the Arctic region. In May, reports of the bridge’s mysterious disappearance began to circulate on VK – a Russian social media platform.

Now, a few days later, there is absolutely no sign of the broken bridge. In fact, the debris also disappeared. This triggered a detailed investigation which revealed that the bridge had not sunk to the bottom of the river, according to News 18.

Locals believe that the bridge was torn down and then stolen by metal thieves. Its disappearance has been reported to Kirovsk Police.

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