You should stop using smartphone while going to bed in the night

My Times Today.Bedtime for me usually means curling up around 10:30 p.m. with my husband and puppy, scrolling through Facebook, watching an episode of web series or two, and then futzing around on my phone for hours until I inevitably drop it on my face and go to sleep for good.

So i knew its the time for a change in my routine and i should stop using phone while going to bed.

So for one week, I decided to ditch my smartphone before bed. In that week, I found I slept better, my attention span increased, and I woke up readier than ever to take on the morning.

The changes were amazing.

Firstly  i waked up earlier than my alarm clock.

As the week progressed, so did my sleeping habits. I naturally rose earlier, giving myself time to walk the dog, actually do what I intended to do with my hair and eat breakfast sitting at my table rather than on the go.

Secondly my cellphone was too much distracting, concentration level rose up by 50%.

But I discovered just how distracting my phone was to my TV watching when I went without it. I realized how many smaller plotlines I had missed entirely, most likely due to my divided social media and TV watching attention.

Thirdly stress vanished from my routine level.

The result? I got ready more efficiently, I didn’t let workday stress or my jam-packed schedule psych me out before I even stepped out the door. And if I’m being honest, I didn’t read any depressing news about the state of the world today. I blissfully went about the start of my day, feeling well rested, content and ready to tackle my workload.

This is how you too can adapt this routine and see mesmerizing results.


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