Kamalnath destroying autonomy of university system, targeting Dalits and women teachers is complete consipracy

Bhopal. The Congress government, which claims to be friendly towards Dalits and women, has been exposed.Congress party talks about the rise of Dalits and women but the Kamalnath government is taking action against them. The FIR registered against teachers of the Makhanlal Journalism University , mostly of them are Dalits and women. Kamal Nath Government has filed an FIR against 20 teachers, including the former Vice Chancellor.

These include four Scheduled Castes, one Scheduled Tribes teacher and five female teachers.The scheduled casts and Scheduled Tribes teachers who are involved in Conspiracy of Kamal nath government includes Pradeep Kumar Dehriya, Satendra Kumar Dehriya, Surya Prakash, Gajendra Singh, and Dr. Kapil Raj Chandoria. while Dr. Monica Verma, Dr. Kanchan Bhatia, Rajni Nagpal, Dr. Aarti Sarang and Dr. P Shashikala are included in women’s list. It is clear that the government is targeting the Dalits and women faculties. 

Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha said that the government is attacking on Dalits. Sinha said that the Congress friends told me that Congress did not get much votes in the dalit areas in the assembly elections. Therefore, the government is acting on them. Sinha said that the action taken against them by marking the Dalits is unfortunate.

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