New Zealand asks British tourist to leave

My Times Today.A group of British tourists has been asked to leave New Zealand after they were reported for shoplifting, littering, threatening residents and causing chaos, an immigration official said on Thursday.

The family, who are travelling on British passports, were involved in a series of incidents in Auckland, New Zealand`s largest city, and Hamilton this week that have shocked New Zealanders.Peter Devoy, assistant general manager for Immigration New Zealand (INZ), told Reuters five individuals from the group had been served with Deportation Liability Notices, the first stage in the deportation process.

The individuals can appeal against the deportation orders and can only be deported if they agree to waive their appeal rights or if the appeal rights expire, he said in an emailed statement.

The group, which included children and women, made headlines in New Zealand newspapers after littering at the North Shore beach in Auckland and threatening residents.

A video posted on Facebook showed that a child, asked by a woman to clean up the rubbish, responded by saying he would “knock your brains out”.

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