How to start a new beginning this year

My Times Today.You may face challenges in life as a person to make a new beginning in your relationship, friendship, marriage, and career.All you need is the right attitude, a controlled mind, the belief in self, and faith in life. To begin with, you need love and faith in your life.


No matter how bad things were, how hurt you were, or how many failures you met – you’ve to forget them. Learn from your mistakes, and forget about them – though remember to not repeat them.


To release yourself from the bondage of your mistakes, guilt, wrongdoings, and tortures of other people, forgive yourself and others.

If possible, use the option of apologizing for your mistakes. This frees us from a negative bond and gives us the permission to move forward to start a new life.

Stay peaceful

A calm and composed mind helps us be peaceful and productive. Drop your tensions and don’t worry – that will only accumulate stress.

Learn mind control and meditation. You’ll be more happy and peaceful when you let go of things that you cannot control. You’re less burdened and can concentrate on working with life.


One more step to attain peace of mind and move forward is to accept the past because you cannot change it.

Accept yourself, your life and the circumstances, and try to make the best use of the resources at hand. Acceptance of a problem gives you something concrete to work on to correct your wrongdoings and change your life.

Understanding human nature

Know yourself better and try to understand other people and situations. Know your shortcomings and virtues, skills and abilities, interests and passion.

Try to understand the reality and, realistically find out what would it take for you to solve your life and make a new beginning. True solutions come with understanding.

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