Italy becomes the first European country to allow paid period leave

My Times Today.MPs in the country are currently debating legislation which would see ladies who suffer from dysmenorrhea, a condition that makes periods extremely painful, free to have three days of paid leave every monthThe progressive bill is proving quite controversial in the country, which has a long history of ingrained sexism and societal misogyny. And yet, it appears the times may be changing the Italian edition of Marie Clarie presents the notion as “a standard-bearer of progress and social sustainability.

Not all women will be able to have time off, however. Female workers must present a medical certificate attesting to dysmenorrhea to their employers and the paper must be renewed each year for it to be valid.

The days taken off for period leave will also not be affected other, non-period related sick days. Therefore, employers won’t be permitted to discriminate against women who are off sick with other illness then off with menstrual leave.

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