How to Become sexier after breakup

My Times Today.Breakups are hard but they can also be a sign for you to renovate your life and reinvent yourself. You can do two things. Either you can let go of past and become a sexier, sassier version of yourself. Or, you can hate yourself and keep drunk dialling your ex.

Do not suggest the concept of friendships too early.

Before you express your wish to move over from one relationship to another, give yourself a moment of reflection. You should be in no rush to transform your heart’s feelings. Breath, take in and instead, work on unloving that person. You are allowed.

Give yourself some time to travel.

If you can, of course. Travelling can grant you perspective on life itself and God knows, we need a refresh of it every once in a while. Put your travel boots on and give your mind a break.

Start working out.

Not for a lit, snatched body, which is never wrong to have, BTW! Working out can seriously help you take the stress and tension off. Reward yourself with some of it every now and then.
Joining a rigorous gym routine can help you stay on track.

Block them from social sites.

You need to let go of all the distractions and tensions and walk into a life that is free of them. You should not have to bump into their photos and pretend to have a happy time staring at them. Be the bigger person to your own self and let go.

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