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My times today.A Libra is never going to be the easiest person to love. We have too many characteristics of independence and can be very introverted. If you can figure us out, however, we can be excellent companions. Here are 10 reasons why loving a Libra is hard.

We are detached

Libras don’t wear their emotions on their sleeve. Instead, we tend to back away from strong emotional displays. We see them as an imbalance in our balanced world. We might not always be receptive to kissing and cuddling. Sometimes we just want the company of our partner, not the sexual advances. This can make our partners feel inadequate or unwanted.

We are superficial

A Libra can be so focused on appearances that they overlook someone’s inner beauty. As a result, we are prone to judging the outer beauty of our partners. When you look your best, no problem. When you don’t, we’ll probably let you know. The way in which we let you know might not be very sensitive, either.

We are too good to handle

Please don’t count on us to make decisions. Just trying to decide where to have dinner can be difficult for a Libra. We also tend to express a lot of buyer’s remorse because we are impulsive. We might get you something nice and then regret spending the money. Don’t take it personally. That’s just who we are.

We are self indulgent

Libras can have expensive tastes. The thing is, we can’t always afford those tastes. As a result, we sometimes overspend. You’ll have to get used to the bank account growing a little thin now and again. You’ll also need to remind us that including you more in our indulgences might make them easier to swallow.

We are unbelievable

Libras are not known for being reliable creatures. Take the promises we make with a grain of salt. We’ll keep the important ones, but we might forget to pick up milk while we’re out running our selfish errands. Even though we are basically unreliable, we do have a strong sense of loyalty to our partners and will move mountains for them.

We are diplomatic

Instead of choosing sides, a Libra will often try to maintain harmony and peace by being diplomatic. This can sometimes hurt our partners. They can feel as though we are not taking their side when we should be. Our sense of resolving conflict involves attempts to calm things down and let cooler heads prevail.

We are balanced

Actually, the truth is that Libras crave balance. We don’t always achieve it. When things are out of balance we get annoyed. This can often come across as obsessive-compulsive behavior. We aren’t being OCD when the bathroom is in disarray. We’re just stressing because it throws off our sense of order. Libras are definitely at their best when everything runs like a well-oiled machine

We are charming

Libras don’t apologize for their charming side. They embrace it. Being charming opens a lot of doors for us. You’ll sometimes think we are flirting with someone when we’re just being ourselves. This characteristic also makes us something of a fixer. We are adept at doing whatever we can to smooth things over to our liking.

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