Engine less train is likely to start by December on Delhi Bhopal route

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India’s first engine-less semi-high speed train – Train 18 – is likely to start operating by December 15, as per Zee Media sources.

The train is currently undergoing trials in Moradabad and sources said that Train 18 has successfully completed its trials at 120 kmph.

Sources added that in the consequent trials of  Train 18 or T18 will attempt to run at 160 kmph, after which it will also be tried under 160-200 kmph trails. The trail run for the train will be over by next week, sources added further

As per sources T18 will likely run on Delhi- Bhopal route. Since it is a straight stretch, sources said that the Train can achieve 160kmph speed during the journey on this route.

Earlier, Delhi-Varanasi route was also contemplated, but sources said that the Railway Ministry in response has said that since the route is already heavily congested, Train 18 may not be able to run in its full potential.


Sources told Zee Media that T18 may have TEJAS train like fare structure. It may not have the Flexi Fare mechanism will not be applicable on T18.

Sources also added that the T18 fares will be 20-25 percent higher than fares of Shatabdi. Passengers will be given two options for fares –one with meal and one without meal.

Facility and key features of Train 18

The fully air-conditioned train will have 16 chair-car type coaches out of which two will be executive chair cars and 14 non-executive chair cars. The executive chair can seat 56 passengers, while the non executive chairs will be able to accommodate 78 passengers.

The train with a Swanky interior and world-class facility boasts a host of passenger friendly amenities which include inter-connected fully sealed gangways, automatic doors with retractable footsteps, onboard Wi-Fi and infotainment, GPS-based passenger information system, modular toilets with bio-vacuum systems, halogen free rubber-on-rubber flooring, rotational seats which can be aligned in the direction of travel (available only in the executive class), roller blinds and diffused LED lighting, and disabled-friendly toilets

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