After Deepika Padukone, saddi Juliet is the next internet sensation

My Times Today. After Deepika and Ranveer’s beautiful wedding photos, we must introduce you to the latest Internet sensation – a snow woman named Saddi Juliet. With heavy gold jewelley, long eyelashes and a bred bridal duptta, this Canadian snow woman nothing short of stunning. And for the last few days she has been going viral on social media.

My friend Daljit came from India and it was her first winter here in Brampton!” says Jassu, 19. “She called me and told me she wanted to build a snowman, and then she asked how to build it and I invited her over to our house.”

With the help of her Jassu’s two younger sisters Navi, 15 and Bini, 9, the teen girls built Saddi Juliet, whose pics Jassu shared on Instagram five days ago.

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