Today’s horoscope 20 November

My times today.

Daily horoscope: Aries

Do you believe in what you are working towards? These are your dreams, Aries. You don’t need anybody outside to validate them. Continue to work towards them. Action is the operative word. When you take a step towards something you are trying to create, no matter how big or small, the universe responds to your vibrations. Keep the law of cause and effect in mind as you move forward

Daily horoscope: Taurus

Love with all your heart or not all, but don’t forget to love yourself first. Honour your own feelings, Taurus. Respect your boundaries and protect them fiercely. You have a duty towards yourself. Often, we lose ourselves in this trap of trying to please those around us. If you’re doing this at the cost of your own sanity, be aware of this toxic pattern. Remember, you are only causing yourself more harm. Those who truly appreciate your presence in their life will never make unrealistic demands of you.

Daily horoscope: Gemini

Radical self-love is the magic potion you are looking for, Gemini. Stop looking at the world outside to make you feel good. Pour unconditionally into your cup. Give yourself the love you truly deserve. Make a list of all the amazing things about yourself, from that booty to die for to your talk show-level communication skills. This simple exercise will remind you of what a superstar you truly are.

Daily horoscope: Cancer

Cancer, you’re three seconds away from the miracle! Your dreams and desires are taking a tangible form. you need to do is believe in what you are manifesting and allow yourself to receive. The blocks that previously stood in your way are being lifted. Go forth and conquer! Making the most of the opportunities offered to you will take you to the next level. Remember, the secret to staying in the game is being the fittest, most Zen version of yourself. Getting your fitness fix outdoors will help you recharge your batteries.

Daily horoscope: Leo

If there’s one thing you should do today, it’s to make time to be yourself. Putting yourself on flight mode for just an hour will help you not just save but also recharge your batteries. Make self-care a priority, Leo. Those social obligations can wait. The only people allowed in your sacred space today are the ones who energise you, inspire you, and make you a better person. You know a real connection when you see one.

Daily horoscope: Virgo

Grounding is an important practice. You’re being asked to honour your inherent connection with the Mother Earth. Why restrict yourself to the gym when you can take your workout outdoors? Sign up for a yoga or tai chi class in the park or head out for a run. Let the combination of fresh air and early morning sunlight soothe your soul.

Daily horoscope: Libra

At any point of time you have two options: to grab life horns or continue to live a mundane existence. Libra, be aware of all the ways in which you are sabotaging your own growth. The fears that have paralysed you and are keeping you from taking a giant leap towards the future. New and exciting opportunities are being offered to you. Say yes now and figure everything else out along the way.

Daily horoscope: Scorpio

Is love without freedom, love at all? You’re walking hand-in-hand, but your journeys are different. Your worlds, apart. Help each other fly instead of chaining each other down. Mutual understanding is the best gift that will help your love grow and evolve. Boundaries are sacred, even in the most intimate relationships. Don’t feel bad about asking for time to figure things out.

Daily horoscope: Sagittarius

Honour the one-on-one connections that make your soul feel good. What you have is sacred and will only get better with time. Are you feeling the feels for somebody? Don’t wait for them to make a move. Have a conversation about how much this connection means to you. Coupled Archers could give a life of togetherness a serious thought. Start small. Move in together and see how compatible you are. Travelling as a duo could be another great way to get to gauge where you stand.

Daily horoscope: Capricorn

This is a time of joy and celebration, especially on the family front! A landmark event such as an engagement, a wedding or an anniversary could be on the cards. Partake in the merriment, Capricorn. It’s not everyday that life gives you an opportunity to put your favourite suit on! Remember, solo time is just as sacred. Getting an hour to yourself every day will help you recharge your batteries and function in social scenarios better.

Daily horoscope: Aquarius

Raising the universal vibrations have always been a part of your sacred purpose—and today you’re being asked to take a giant leap in the direction. Do you feel a draw towards the healing arts? Nurture you gift or train under a mentor who can bring them to the fore. Reiki, access bars, and crystal healing are some of the modalities you could delve into.

Daily horoscope: Pisces

Put your superhero cape aside for a second. There’s no doubt that you’re capable of doing it all, but getting a little bit of help never hurt anybody. Could you be closing yourself to support? Be aware of this pattern. Word to the wise: prioritise. As a leader, one needs to understand the tasks that need special attention and the ones that can be taken care of others. Allow yourself to delegate and trust people do do their job. You have the permission to say no to the unrealistic demands of others.


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