One step and easy organisational promotion

The newer you are in your market, the harder you have to work to attract and retain new customers. Many of your marketing activities will focus on communicating to customers the features and benefits of your products (i.e. compared to your competitors). Consider which promotional activities will best meet your marketing needs.

Don’t worry about anything we are here to help you. We have certains plans that offer wide range of such activities to promote any organization.

What we do…..

  • Market research and consumer analysis.
  • Workshops and seminars.
  • Daily mail and user interactive services.
  • Social media promotions.
  • Video adds and Story writing.

We are providing three types of services : 

1. Bsic : one week promotion. Promotion through Adds on site.

Price – 101 INR.

2. Standard: one week promotion. Promotion through adds on site in each post.

Price : 250 INR.

3. Economic: 15 days. Promotion through site and social media with advertorials writings and messages.

Price : 500 INR.

4. Dynamic: 15 Days. It include all the things like site adds, story adds, mail messaging and consumer interactions, video adds, workshops and seminars.

Price : 1500 INR.

For Advertisements and services call us or mail us.

Thank you.

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