Mehbooba Mufti is batting from Pakistan says Imran Khan deserves another chance

My Times Today.Shortly after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday warned India against launching a military attack in the wake of Pulwama terror attacks, Peoples Democratic Party  chief Mehbooba Mufti batted for the neighbouring country and sympathised with newly-elected Imran Khan.

On Twitter, the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister wrote that while it was time for Pakistan to walk the talk, she added that Imran Khan deserves a second chance as he got elected only recently.

“Disagree. Pathankot dossier was given to them but no action was  taken to punish the perpetrators . Time to walk the talk. But Pak PM  deserves  a chance since he’s recently taken over. Of course the war rhetoric has more to do with the impending elections than anything else.”

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