Election of 2019 are not war between Hindu Muslim

My Times Today.The 1761 battle of Panipat was not a binary war between Hindu Marathas and Muslim Afghans. There were Hindus fighting in the Afghan army, and Muslims leading the charge for Marathas; the Maratha defeat pleased many Hindu kings and the Afghan victory put many Muslim Nawabs out of business.the wrong comparison in the context of the Lok Sabha elections and wrong season for BJP president Amit Shah to bring up the Panipat war during Sankranti.It has stirred up a hornet’s nest between not just Hindus and Muslims, as expected, but between Hindus and Hindus on the one side, and supporters of the Peshwas and those of Marathas and Dalits on the other. It has also revived bitter memories between Bengalis and Maharashtrians to some extent, though not many may today remember how the Marathas raided the largely-Hindu Bengal, governed by a Muslim Nawab who tried his best to save his Hindu subjects from them and ultimately had to cede Orissa to Raghoji Bhosale of Nagpur in return for peace in his territory.

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