Resons why you should try dating older man

My Times Today.1. Most men who are older have their own home and don’t live with their parents. This means you have quiet time together. Older men usually know what they want in a woman. They also know what they don’t want, so you don’t have to waste each other’s time trying to make a relationship work if things just don’t click together

2. When it comes to manners, older men know how to treat a woman. Another reason you want to date an older man is that they are usually very attractive, especially with just the right amount of gray hair.

3. Older men are hot. I think we all will agree here. Silver fox, the two words that come to our minds.

4. Older men have their life sorted. They are not insecure about themselves and that’s why they won’t try to change you according to their comfort.

5. They make great lovers. They know the art of love like no one else and who doesn’t like some good old love.

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