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Former Jawaharlal Nehru University students university Kanhaiya Kumar on Sunday took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him a “nalayak” (incompetent) son who could not take care of his mother.

Addressing a gathering during the ‘Save Constitution March’ in Mumbai on Sunday, Kanhaiya Kumar cited Prime Minister Modi’s angry retort to alleged insult of his mother by members of Congress party, saying he was attacking the Prime Minister himself and not his mother.

He said, “Prime Minister says that people make disrespectful remarks against his mother. I am not saying anything about his mother, but I am calling him ‘nalayak’ for failing to take care of his mother.”

former JNUSU president had made similar remarks by saying that only a ‘nalayak’ son can make his 90-year-old mother stand in a bank queue, citing Prime Minister Modi’s mother’s visit to a bank during demonetisation.

Taking another jibe at the Prime Minister on Sunday, Kanhaiya Kumar called him a “good actor”. “He would have received the best actor award had he been in Bollywood,” said the former JNUSU president, who is expected to contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Begusarai in Bihar as a Mahagathbandhan candidate.

This came on a day when Prime Minister Modi attacked his opponents for allegedly targeting his parents. The Prime Minister claimed that the tirade was launched at the behest of Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

“What has happened to the Congress party? The ‘naamdar’ is tacitly supporting it and therefore, its leaders are dragging the name of my father, who passed away 30 years ago. No Congressman would make such a statement against me or my family without the consent of the party president. It is the ‘naamdar’ who is making his leaders speak against me,” he said.

He further said, “My mother sits in her house, performing religious rites, confining herself to a room, and has never visited Madhya Pradesh. She does not even know the ‘R’ of ‘rajneeti’ (politics)…Yesterday, they took the name of my mother and now my father. The Congress chief is behind this.”

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