A big news for all Indian elephants

My Times Today.India, where animals are considered sacred and part of religion are not given necessary care when they fall ill. Especially a mammoth animal like an elephant, which is part and parcel of Hindu religion.

Though Ganesha temple can be found in each and every corner of Indian street, a hospital for living Ganesha is hard to find.After all these years, India’s first specialized hospital armed with modern facilities is set at Mathura. The hospital was opened by Agra Divisional Commissioner Anil Kumar at Farah block’s Churmura village, Mathura. The hospital has facilities such as wireless digital X-Ray, ultrasonography, tranquilization and quarantine facilities.

Elephants are not treated with care and compassion by the majority of the mahouts. They are tortured and bruised. The elephant population in India has gone down from 27,312 to 29,391 according to government data. Wildlife promoters consider this as a milestone in the conservation journey of animals.

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